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Able Office offers a wide range of furniture for the office. We offer stylish, modern designs that are built to last and come with many features including wire management systems, cable ports, shelves and more. Our corner workstation is ideal for any space where you need to maximize space. It has an L-shaped desk with plenty of storage below as well as room on top for monitors or speakers. This product also includes two drawers in the back so it`s perfect if you prefer working at an incline instead of flat on your back like most desks.

 If you`re looking to make your work life less cluttered, this is the perfect solution! This corner workstation features four shelves with two fixed and two adjustable shelves that can be customized according to your needs. You also have access to all four sides of the unit so there are no obstructions when reaching for items from any angle. Our corner workstation offers more than enough room for two people to share their ideas while working at the same time. This way, there’s no need for anyone to sit idle waiting on another person before they can start their next task!