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Today’s workstations provide an open, stable platform where people can work alone or with colleagues. Torstar Able Office Furniture provides the best 3 person workstation frames for your office needs. It is great for team collaboration and offers privacy to those who need it. 

Our desks are designed with the idea of working together as well as getting things done individually. The workstation frames we offer come in all shapes and sizes, from compact 2-person and 3-person designs to large 5-person arrangements.

It features three separate desks with plenty of storage and an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The large work surfaces can be adjusted so that they will fit any height, and each desk has a power strip and cable management system to make sure that everything stays organised. With an ergonomic design, it takes up less space than traditional desks and creates more collaboration opportunities in your shared workspace by encouraging natural interaction with colleagues.