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The Torstar Able Office Furniture line includes the 4 person workstation frames. It is a height-adjustable desk and it can be customised to fit your needs. The Able Office Furniture workstation comes in different configurations, with or without storage, and in various colours. We also offer different sizes for this product, including small business solutions that are perfect for the home office!

This 4 person frame is perfect for any office configuration. There are plenty of storage options to keep your supplies organised and easily accessible. With ample space for both collaborative working as well as privacy, you can create the environment that suits your needs best. The 4 person workstation provides extra workspace for printers, scanners, and fax machines and offers more flexibility than two-person workstations.

Torstar Able Office Furniture specialises in customising workstations for individual needs. Browse our range of workstation frames that are perfect for your office.