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The Torstar Able Office Furniture offers a variety of storage options and filing solutions that will help with organisation, productivity, and efficiency. Choose from shelves, cabinets, or columns to suit your space needs. They are durable, long-lasting products designed for everyday use in an office environment.

Planning for your office layout is a major undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Our furniture products will help you save space and protect your investment.

Torstar’s metal storage options are designed with durability in mind to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Choose from filing cabinets, letter trays or boxes that can easily stack on top of each other for easy access and organisation.

Metal shelving units make it simple to find what you need quickly when every second counts in an emergency situation. It also gives you a place where electronic equipment can safely rest as well as plenty of room for storing supplies like paper, ink cartridges or printer ribbons near at hand too! With a variety of options, we have the perfect piece for every space. Whether you need an affordable file cabinet or something more luxurious, we have just what you are looking for.

Able Office Furniture`s Storage and Filing Metal is a durable and reliable storage solution for your home or office. The metal frame is tough and built to last, while the four adjustable shelves provide plenty of space for you to store all of your documents, folders, and other materials. The filing cabinet also comes with a key lock for added security. Order yours today!