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Free standing screens are a great way to increase productivity in any work environment. They can be placed in front of an employee’s desk for privacy, or they can divide two desks so that employees don’t feel cramped when collaborating on projects. You might think that you need to hire contractors and spend thousands of dollars installing these types of walls, but luckily Torstar Able Office Furniture offers free standing screens! They come in a variety of colours and sizes.

These screens are perfect for meeting rooms and conference rooms because they offer privacy without sacrificing space. They come with a sleek black aluminium frame that is durable yet lightweight. The fabric panels on the front can be customised to match any décor or colour scheme. All in all, these screens are just what you need if you’re looking for high quality office furniture.

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase privacy and collaboration in your office and are interested in learning more about Torstar Able Office Furniture’s free standing screens, be sure to visit our website or give us a call today. You won’t be disappointed with the quality or the price. These screens are sure to make your office look great!